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Estate Planning

We are committed to helping our clients protect their hard-earned wealth. Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountants have expertise and experience as Estate Tax Accountants to ensure you can make the most of the wealth you have created. We can help you set up a future that is sustainable for your family, children and beneficiaries. Proper planning can ensure that your loved ones can enjoy the fruits of your labour for a long time.  

Our CPAs can help you achieve your business goals. We know that the future of your business is a vital part of your daily operations. As your asset portfolio and company expands, it is essential to work with a Chartered Professional Accountant. Tax planning can protect your assets to help you minimize any losses or potential problems.

How We Assist You

Our Chartered Professional Accountants have the knowledge and expertise to handle any of these common problems:

• Upon retirement or death, we can offer detailed planning solutions to help you reduce taxes.

• We can discuss the life insurance policy options that will reduce taxes after death to maximize your beneficiaries’ portion.

• We can help protect your beneficiary or surviving spouses’ financial welfare by providing solutions to lessen the taxes.

• We can review your goals and make changes in your will to reduce the amount of tax that will be owed.

Kochhar & Co. believe that creating an estate plan while you are alive is essential to helping your preserve your wealth. We take pride in being part of your advisory team. We are committed to providing you with all of the facts you need to reduce your estate taxes and associated fees.  

Call your us today to initiate your one-on-one discussion. We take the time to get to know our clients and their family. Understanding what is important allows us to help you achieve your personal goals. We understand that the decision to transfer wealth can significantly impact your future generations. We rely on a wholesome approach to meet the needs of your business and your family.