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Small Business Accounting

Many huge responsibilities come with running your own small business. Your routine must include accurate financial tax preparation and reporting. Regardless if you exclusively operate in Canada or have business activities in the USA, as Chartered Professional Accountant we can take care of all your accounting needs.  


There is extra pressure to succeed when you are self-employed. We understand the complexities that small business owners face. There are numerous regulations regarding tax responsibilities. It is essential to know that your company is meeting all of the regulatory compliance. We work with our clients to help you understand the financials. Feel secure with your business and spend your time and energy growing your company by letting us help you with your financial paperwork.  

Tax Planning

Successful tax strategies can help your business flourish. Our small business tax professionals can deliver options if you are incorporated, or act as a sole proprietor. Let our experienced team help you save cash whether you are selling your business, transitioning, or expanding your company.  


The majority of Canadian businesses need to handle, collect and remit GST and HST to the government. We can set up a system to accurately collect tax and file your GST and HST return in a timely matter. Avoid any penalties by having your taxes completed on time.  

Succession Planning

A succession strategy is vital after operating a successful business. What are your long-term business plans? Will you be selling your company? Do you plant to liquidate or close? Maybe, you are going to live off of the growth of your hard work. Whichever route you decide to take, our dedicated team can ensure you understand the implications that arrive with every choice. Making a succession plan you are happy with is vital for peace of mind.  

Audit Assistance

Audit Assistance is essential if your small business is being audited. It is important to ensure everything is correct for the CRA. We have a solid team of tax professionals to ensure your books are accurate. Knowing your responsibilities and rights under the tax law is something we are passionate about educating our clients on. Working with our professional team can take the stress and fear out of any audit.