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Personal Tax Preparation

Our friendly and professional Kelowna Accounting team can handle the most basic to the most complicated tax returns. Regardless of your situation, we can help you maximize your refund and minimize any taxes owing. The tax laws defined by the Canada Revenue Agency update and change annually; however, we are advised of these amendments to adhere to the latest tax laws as we prepare your tax return.  

We will review all of your personal information and clarify any issues as we work together. Our committed team of personal tax accountants work with our clients to optimize their tax returns. We handle every file with the trust and confidentiality you deserve. Feel secure knowing that your file is accurately and considerately taken care of.  

Are you missing some of your pertinent tax information and documents?

It can be easy to fall behind filing your taxes when certain papers are missing. This is not an issue for our experienced team. We can help you catch up. There have been instances where we prepare more than ten years of tax returns at once. Don’t let it get out of hand, but if you have, don't worry as we can help you get caught up. Call our team today to get started.

We have an easy process including an authorization form that allows us to obtain any income slips that have been submitted in your name to the CRA. This includes T3’s, T5108’s, T4’s, T5’s, etc. We can efficiently track down all of your paperwork to help you get caught up ASAP. Don’t hesitate and call us today. We know our clients feel much happier once these required situations are taken care of stress-free with our helpful team.

Our Process

Is an appointment required with our office? Once we discuss your personal situation and determine if it is complex by involving a non-basic scenario such as investments or a business, we will know if an appointment is necessary.  

It is possible to send us your personal tax information at any time via our secure client portal online or drop items off during regular business hours. We can easily set up your account through email, phone or a visit to our office.  

It is essential to keep us up-to-date on any personal changes to your lifestyle. This includes a marital status change, a child’s birth, or any new side-business or change in employment. Send us a note that can be included in your file so that we can update and review the changes during the process of filing your tax return.  

If you do require your tax return completed by a specific date, please let us know as soon as possible. As soon as your tax return is finished, we will call you to advise that everything is complete. You are welcome to pick up your completed file at the office or we are happy to provide a PDF via our online secure client portal once the final invoice has been paid. We request the final payment of the balance prior to disclosing your tax return details. For your convenience we will report to you your refund amount or balance owing and advise on payment options.  

All personal tax returns will be filed electronically except those that are five or more years overdue or in certain instances where the CRA requires a paper-filed return. These circumstances are beyond our control. We follow the CRA’s filing requirements for submitting tax returns.  

If you have any questions after your tax return is done or are not satisfied, we recommend that you do not sign. It is very expensive and difficult to make changes to a tax return that has already been filed, compared to one that is still pending. After our invoices have been paid, we will release your tax return to you. It is essential to review your tax return at your convenience, either at our office or at home to ensure you are satisfied with the information.  

It is common to have questions throughout the process. If you feel that something is not right or have any issues, please contact us right away. We can typically answer your concerns immediately.