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Payroll Services

Regardless if you have one employee or 150 employees, and pay them bi-weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly, we can streamline the process. If you prefer direct deposit, sending e-transfers, or writing cheques, our team can help you dial it all in.  Every business is unique and presents its’ own set of challenges. We can help you remove the stress that comes along with operating your company. 

Let us know about your business and your preferences so that we can offer a customized solution. Our team is happy to guide you through the payroll requirements that you wish to implement. We can offer advice on specific industry regulations and laws pertaining to your company. We look forward to answering all of your questions.  

Kochhar & Co. Chartered Professional Accountant takes an organized approach for establishing your company’s payroll. We offer individual payroll employee stubs and directions for submitting payroll remittances to the CRA. Additionally, we will respond to any Canada Revenue Agency inquiries about your payroll account.  

Along with payroll services, we additionally offer the following:

• Preparing T5108 slips for construction trades contractors

• Preparing and filing T4 slips for your employees

• Preparing and filing T5 slips for your shareholders

• ROE - Record of Employment Issuing and Filing

• Filing annual returns for Workers Compensation Board

Your Business’s Payroll Account with CRA is the highest scrutinized of the corporate government accounts.

Did you know that when an employer suspends CRA payroll deductions, these funds are put into a trust account since they do not belong to Canada Revenue Agency or to you. The monies are paid on behalf of your employee. The CRA watches these transactions closely to check that employers are remitting accurate deductions for CPP, Employment Insurance and Income Tax. If these numbers are paid late or determined to be incorrect, significant penalties may be given to the employer.  

We can help you with your industry-specific regulations and standards to ensure proper payroll for your employees. It is popular for businesses to hire a third-party accounting service or payroll firm to conduct these aspects. Many employers prefer not to handle payroll themselves, as mistakes can be costly.

We are your Kelowna payroll professionals. Kochhar & Co. has the experience and skills to handle all of your payroll needs. Preparing your payroll on time and correctly is essential to your vitality and growth. Part of our service includes reviewing your CRA payroll account to determine that all remittances are being correctly made and correctly allocated.